Daily Palm Oil Prices (October 2020 Contract)

On 10th Aug 2020
Settlement Price RM 2709
Last Updated : 11th Aug 2020 @ 8.30 AM

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About Poram

The Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia
The Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia (PORAM) was formed in 1975 primarily as  a representative voice to the Government and other stakeholders on  matters related to the palm oil industry. As a trade association, PORAM is a voluntary and non-profit organization. Its members comprise of companies involved in the refining and related downstream processing of palm oil, palm kernel oil and other vegetable oils including ancillary services.

PORAM Directory 2.0


PORAM Directory 2.0 is an updated version of the first Directory published in 2015.  The Directory features eight sections consisting detailed facts and references to assist and guide the users.

PORAM Upcoming Events 2019


PORAM holds seminars, courses, workshop, and other events throughout the year.  We have a list of interesting programmes for year 2019

PORAM Arbitration Cases

PORAM published this book to familiarize members of the public with the type of defaults that have been arbitrated through arbitration under the auspicious of PORAM, our Rules of Arbitration…

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PORAM Directory 2.0

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