Structure and Organization

PORAM Management Board

The business and affairs of the Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia (PORAM) is managed by the Management Board.  The Management Board consists of a Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, Treasurer and 8 members.

PORAM Management Board


There are 4 principal committees which are organised and responsible for specific areas of activity. These committees are:

Commercial & Technical Committee
Associate Members Committee
Price Settlement Committee
Arbitration Rules Execution Committee


The PORAM Secretariat, headed by the Chief Executive Officer, serves all the Committees and is responsible for the daily operations of the Association.

PORAM Secretariat

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    Daily Palm Oil Prices (October 2020 Contract)

    On 10th Aug 2020
    Settlement Price RM 2709
    Last Updated : 11th Aug 2020 @ 8.30 AM

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