Marketing Opportunities

The Internet no doubt is a very effective medium in which advertisers can put their messages across.  Banner Advertisements are placed on Websites just like billboards are placed along the highways. Such advertisements can be both static or consist of interestingly catchy animated slogans, logos, or pictures

Here is a chance to market your product, service, company, or website to a highly focused and captive audience.  Our rates are more affordable than any other website out there. And our goal is to make the website the place on the internet to find quality suppliers and help you deliver your message to the right target audience.

Who Should Advertise?

1. Suppliers, exporters, traders and distributors of palm oil products.
2. Suppliers of palm oil and palm oil processing equipments.
3. Shipping and logistics companies.
4. Financial and advisory consultants.
5. Commodity trading publications.
6. Any others who wants to advertise their products worldwide.

Where to Advertise?

Users will only need to click on the banner to be automatically transported to your Website where you will then have full control as to what product or message you wish to present. Banner position to cater to every organization’s unique advertising needs, we are offering 2 different types of advertising sizes.  The following are the different types of advertisement placings in  currently offers.

1 – First page, 170 x 200 Head Banner / Rotation System
2 – All page, 170 x 300 Head Banner / Rotation System

Rotation scheme

When a visitor opens a website, the rotation system selects a random banner from all banners (as all banners have an equal priority).  This banner will be on the page until the moment when the user clicks the button “Refresh” or go to another page. Then the rotation system selects another random banner and so on, until all banners are shown. The time of the banner to be on, is equal. All banners inside the rotation system are shown within the equal time and in the equal sequence. After all 10 banners have been shown, the sequence will repeat.

Advertisement spots are limited!

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The Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia (PORAM)

Terms and Conditions

1.  All advertisements are accepted and published at the website by the Owner (“The Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia”) upon representation that the advertiser and/or its agency is authorised to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof.

2.  It is the responsibility of the advertisers to design the banner at its cost and expense.  PORAM does not create the banner design for you. PORAM reserves the right not to accept any banner which in our view has contravened or is likely to contravene.

3.  Prior to publishing of the advertisement on the website, the banner would be subjected to scrutiny and approval to ensure that all technicalities are complied with.

4.  The dimensions of the banner advertisement should be as stipulated and size should not exceed 30kb. Any hyperlink to the banner should be the responsibility of the advertiser. Request from the advertiser for any change of URL link would be chargeable at RM150.00. 

5.  The advertisements will only be run upon receipt of full payment of the advertisement charges in advance. The advertiser undertakes to submit the banner advertisement within 30 days upon signing of the contract. Any further delays by the advertiser after 30 days would render the contract to commence from date of signing.

6.  No refund will be given for any cancellation of any advertisement after the first publication of the advertisement.

7.  While all efforts will be taken to ensure that our website runs 24 hours a day, no compensation will be given to any advertiser due to any interruption or downtime of our server and website.  

8.  PORAM is not responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by any advertiser arising out of the advertisements placed on our website.

9.  All the terms and conditions in the Terms of Use as stipulated in the continue to apply.