The following costs / fees shall apply:

  1. Initiation Fees

Initial non-refundable Initiation Fees payable by the Claimant / Appellant along with the Notice of Initiation of the Arbitration / Appeal shall be as follows:

Basic Fees for Arbitration / Appeal:

Member – RM10,000 Non-Member – RM15,000

Basic Fees for String Arbitration / Appeal:

Member – RM15,000 Non-Member – RM20,000

The above-specified fees are for disputes relating to one (1) contract. For each additional contract in dispute incorporated under the same arbitration / appeal proceeding, an additional minimum fee of RM500 per contract shall apply.

2. Cost of Services.

PORAM shall arrange for services such as secretarial, translation, printing, photocopying etc. which shall be charged at cost. The Claimant / Appellant shall give an initial deposit of RM30,000 towards such cost to PORAM. During the course of the proceedings, the Arbitral Tribunal / Appeal Board may ask the Claimant / Appellant or the Respondent to deposit additional funds with PORAM towards such costs.

3. Arbitral Tribunal / Appeal Board Fees.

The fees chargeable by the members of the Arbitral Tribunal / Appeal Board shall be determined by each of the individually, subject to a minimum of RM5,000 per Arbitrator, in the event that submissions have commenced. however, the fees shall be RM3,000 per Arbitrator if the proceedings are terminated without any submission having been made. Additional minimum fees for each member of the Arbitration Tribunal / Appeal Board in a String Arbitration / Appeal shall be RM250 for each String Respondent.

The Claimant / Appellant sahll deposit with PORAM, a sum equal to RM5,000 for each member of the Arbitral Tribunal / Appeal Board.

4. Travel and Accommodation

Traveling and accommodation expenses shall be charged as incurred by the Arbitrator(s)/Appeal Board members.

5. Ad Hoc Arbitration/Appeal

such arbitration/appeal, the administrative fees shall be an amount which is 25% more than the fees laid down in (1) above. Other costs / fees shall be as listed above.