PORAM Annual Forum

2018 1 Mr. Lee Heng Guie, SERC S/B World Economic Outlook for 2018 and Beyond
2 Ms. Ivy Ng Lee Fang, CIMB Investment Bank The Future of Palm Oil Bioprocessing
3 Dr. Sathia Varqa, Palm Oil Analytics Impact of Trade Policies on Palm and Laurics Market
4 Pn. Rosidah Radzian, MPOB Updates on Progress and Grant Allocation for Mitigation of 3-MCPD/GE
5 Mr. Ling Ah Hong, Ganling S/B Palm Oil Supply and Market Outlook 2019 – with special reference to weather-supply-demand dynamics
2017 1 Dr. Mohammad Mohan, Oasis Revenue S/B Getting the Basic Practices Right in the Refining, Storage and Oil Transportation
2 Mr. Martin Rushworth, Novozymes (M) S/B The Future of Palm Oil Bioprocessing
3 Dr. Julian Conway McGill, LMC International Ltd. World Oils and Fats Supply – Demand Balance for 2017 and the Future
4 Dr. Sanath Kumaran, MPOCC Supply Chain Certification for Refinery – Requirements, Benefits and Incentives
5 Mr. Ho Howe Tian, Emerson Automation Solution Enabling Top Quartile Performance in Palm Oil Refienry Business through IIOT
2016 1 Ms. Ivy Ng, CIMB Challenges and Opportunities for Palm Oil in 2017 and Beyond – An Analyst Perspectives
2 Mr. Nagaraj, TransGraph Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Mapping the Market Thought of the Oil & Oilseed Market
3 Mr. Muhammad Farhan Mohd Akran, EXIM EXIM Bank : Powering Malaysian Cross Borders Ventures
4 Dr. Ainie Kuntum, MPOB Supply Chain Certification of MSPO for Refineries – Creating Market Acceptance
5 Mr. Marc Kellens, Desmet Ballestra Palm Oil Processing : Mitigating 3-MCPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters at the Refineries
2015 1 Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim, Life After 40 for Refiners, Crisis or Opportunity
2 Dr. James Fry, LMC The Price Outlook for Palm Oil – What is the New Direction?
3 Mr. Baharuddin, EXIM EXIM Bank : Your Palm Oil Trade Partner
4 Mr. U. R. Unnithan The Stability of Palm Oil Prices : Perspectives from Biodiesel, Olechemicals and Indonesian Factors
5 Mr. Ali Muhammad Lakdawala Future of Palm Oil – During the Time of War (Currency War)
2014 1 Mr. MR Chandran, Platinum Nanochem Palm Oil : Navigating Through Global Challenges
2 En. Ramli Abdullah, MPOB Analysis of Malaysian Palm Oil in 2015
3 Mr. Ryan Long, FC Stone Asia Managing Palm Oil Price Risk
4 Mr. Chairil Mohd Tamil, Exim Bank Exim Bank – Expanding Frontiers
2013 1 Dr. Kalyana Sundram, MPOC Saturated Fats Vs Trans Fat Vs Cholesteral – The Truth About Palm Oil
2 Ms. Khor Yu Leng, Khor Report Balancing the Socio, Economic and Environmental Concerns of Sustainable Palm Oil – Choices Available for CSPO Credentials
3 Dr. James Fry, LMC Key Factors in Determining the Prices of Global Vegetable Oil Prices
4 En. Jamaluddin Nor Mohamad, Bursa Malaysia Don’t Let Your Idle Inventory Sleep
5 En. Md. Harris Md Taib, EXIM Bank Berahd Financial Tools for Trade & Export of Palm Oil
2012 1 Mr. Bas Melssen, Malaysian Innovation Agency (AIM) National Biomass Strategy 2020: New Wealth Creation for Malaysia’s Palm Oil Industry
2 Dr. Axel Kraft  of Greasoline GmbH Bio-Fossil Fuels from Sustainable Palm Oil
3 Mr. G.M. Teoh, CIMB Futures Sdn. Bhd. Palm Oil Price Outlook 2012/13 – Understanding The Palm Oil Market Trends – What’s Next
4 Mr. Azrin Azizuddin, EXIM Bank Berhad Financial Tools for Trade and Export of Palm Oil
5 Mr. Jeffrey Tan, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Managing Palm Oil Price Risks – A New Phase with Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
2011 1 Mr. Ling Ah Hong, Ganling Sdn. Bhd. Palm Oil Price Outlook 2011/2012 – An Analysis of Palm Oil Production and Future Supply Forecast
2 Mr. Mohamad Fadhil Hasan, GAPKI An Indonesian Market Outlook – Perspective and Direction
3 Mr. Stuart Logan, FOSFA International An Update on FOSFA Terms
4 Mr. Moriazi Mohamad, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad Hedging Crude Palm Oil with Options
2010 1 Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Yusof Basiron, CEO, MPOC NGO’s Exposed – There Are No Moral Case Against Palm Oil
2 Dr. James Fry, Chairman, LMC International, UK The Price Outlook for Palm Oil – What Is In Store for 2011?
3 Mr. Wang Tao, Markets Analyst, Commodities Technicals, Thomson Reuters, S’pore Technical Outlook on Malaysia Palm Oil
4 Mr. Jeffrey Tan Seng Hui, General Manager, Product & Development, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Price Discovery and The Importance of Hedging in View of the Current Increase in Market Volatility
2009 None
2008 1 Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Yusof Basiron, CEO, MPOC Palm Oil: Can Current Prices be Maintained?
2 Mr. MR Chandran Sustainable Palm Oil – The Reality of Business
3 Mr. Thomas Mielke, Oil World World Supply, Demand and Price Outlook of of Vegetable Oils-With Focus on Palm Oil
2007 1 Dato’ Mamat Salleh, Chief Executive, MPOA Sustainable Palm Oil and the Trade – What the Palm Oil Industry Needs to Know
2 Mr. Francis Tan, Ship Broker, KL Maritime Shipment of Palm Oil Within the ASEAN Region Post – IMO Regulations: Current Scenario, Issues and Challenges
3 Dr. James Fry, MD, LMC International Ltd Changing Competition Between Different Major Vegetable Oils, Their Price Movements and the Growing Influence of the Biofuel Industry
2006 None
2005 1 Dato Dr. Michael D. Lunjew, Secretary General, KPPK The Malaysian Palm Oil Industry – The Way Forward
2 Dr. James Fry, MD, LMC International Ltd The Economics of Biofuel in Relation to Various Oils and Fats int eh World and Governing Regulations
3 Datuk Haron Siraj, CEO, MPOPC The Challenges and Prospects of China’s WTO Post-Quota Arrangements on the Demand of Palm Oil
2004 1 Mr. Siegfried Falk, Analyst and Co-Editor, Oil World Supply-Demand Situation and its Effects on the Price Direction of Palm Oil
2 Mr. Sami Khan, Manager, Strategic Advisory and Foof & Agribusiness Research Division, Rabobank International (S) Challenges Facing the Palm Oil Industry in the Next Decade
3 Mr. Benny Lee, Regional Training Consultant, Nextview Sdn. Bhd. Some Major Technical Analysis on the CPO Futures
2003 1 Mr. Thomas Mielke, Oil World Supply-Demand Situation and its Effects on the Price Direction of Palm Oil
2 Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim, Director for Mkt Promotions, MPOPC The Indonesian Factor – How it is Affecting the Malaysian Palm Oil Trade
3 Mr. K.K. Loh, Manager, CIMB Futures S/B How Technicals Can Fine-Tune Fundamentals in Palm Oil Trading
2002 1 Mr. Thomas Mielke, Oil World Price Outlook on Palm – 7 Months Later
2 Mr. Andrew L. Santos Jr., MD, Unilever Bestfoods Branding Activities in the Marketing of Oils and Fats Worldwide
3 Mr. Thomas Mielke, Mr. Andrew L. Santos Jr., Datuk Haron Siraj, Mr. Barry Ooi Panel Discussion on “Branding and Price”